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7 Help On The Way Tips For Your First Cleaning Service

October 21, 2019

The cleaning of our home on a regular basis is a necessity.
Dust, dirt and grime continually accumulate and need to be cleaned to keep our home hygienic and healthy.
Many people don’t have the time or energy to do this chore, hence our saviour, the cleaner, enters!
Here are seven helpful tips to consider for your first cleaning service:

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  1. Allow a little extra time for the first service

You will need to show your cleaner around your home: where things are, what you’d like them to clean or not clean. Every home is unique and it takes time for a cleaner to get to know your home. For an ongoing service, it may take a cleaning service or two to develop a routine.

  1. Have realistic expectations:

The size of your home and depth of clean required, determines how long your cleaner will need to take.

A house cleaned on a weekly basis will take less time to clean than a home cleaned on a fortnightly basis. If your home hasn’t been cleaned for a while, you will require a more detailed clean and may need to book a spring cleaning service to begin with. This can then be followed by a regular service which will keep your home maintained.

Some other factors which may determine how long your cleaner will need:

  • Type of cleaning service required: general, housekeeping, spring, move-in, end of lease/vacate
  • Number of rooms, including bedrooms & bathrooms
  • If you have pets inside
  • If you have young children
  • If additional tasks are required: changing bed linen, washing dishes, ironing, washing loads, hanging out washing & folding it

When booking in a service, discuss your requests with one of our Help On The Way rostering coordinators. Our staff will be able to establish the right type of cleaning service for you and advise how long it may take your cleaner.

  1. Products and equipment:

You have the option to supply the cleaning products and equipment or for a small additional fee your cleaner can do this.

At Help On The Way we often recommend for the home owner to supply the cleaning products and equipment. You best know your home surfaces and may already have the right products and equipment for the clean. For any specialized surfaces like marble or granite, inform the cleaner if there is a product you prefer to use or that has been recommended by installer.

If you are supplying the products and equipment, make sure you have everything ready for the cleaner. Your cleaner will need lots of cleaning cloths, a good working vacuum cleaner, quality mop, a scrubbing brush, duster and enough suitable products to clean the various surfaces in your home.

For ongoing services, you can speak with your cleaner and ask if they require anything else.

  1. Being there for your first cleaning service

Help On The Way recommends you meet your cleaner at your first service.

Following this initial meeting, there are several options to choose from:

  • stay for the entire service
  • stay for the start of the service and return towards the end
  • stay for the start of the service and allow the cleaner to lock up once the job has been completed

For ongoing regular services, some people choose to provide a key for the cleaner.

  1. Tidy up beforehand:

Prior to your cleaning service, make sure you pick up any personal items laying around your home such as clothes, shoes, toys and rubbish. This will enable your cleaner to work efficiently.

  1. Leave out a cleaning list:

It is a good idea to leave out a list of your requested jobs in order of priority for your cleaner.

In doing so, everyone is on the same page.

Also, if the cleaner suspects they may run out of time, they can prioritise the tasks to be done first.

Leave your list somewhere in plain view, like on the kitchen counter.

  1. Communicate with your cleaner:

Be sure to clearly discuss your requirements and any concerns you may have with your cleaner.

Having open communication with your cleaner is vital, especially when it comes to establishing an effective ongoing relationship based on respect and understanding.

If you have any questions about our cleaning services or would like to book in a service, just call Help On The Way (03) 9527 6688 and one of our friendly rostering coordinators will be happy to assist you.

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