nannies Melbourne

Nanny Agency in Melbourne

Our nanny services include a range of options, including: nannies; night nannies; mothercraft nurses and babysitters.

Because working with your children is so important, we take the utmost care in the selection of your nanny. Our nannies all interviewed and screened by our management.

All Help On The Way child carers must:

We will send you a nanny who is experienced with children of similar age and needs to your own. You will need to provide your nanny with written instructions for any medication that is to be administered. These instructions need to be signed by a parent and the nanny. We have nannies who are able to assist children with any special needs including food allergies, anaphalyxis, asthma, ADD/ADHD, autism, etc. Please let us know when you book if we can help with any such needs.

Please remember that we also provide babysitting in the Melbourne area.


Nanny – Casual Daytime

Your nanny will organise age appropriate activities, prepare nutritious meals and apply positive parenting techniques at all times. You can give your nanny guidelines for your children that will always be adhered to. If time permits, the nanny may also undertake some light home duties but is not a cleaner. We can also provide some of the best house cleaners in Melbourne has on offer! Many of our nannies are trained in food issues and allergies such as nut, dairy and coeliac disease. Please inform both the agency and the nanny of all allergies to ensure appropriate food and drink is given to children.

Permanent Nanny – Full Time Or Part Time

Help On The Way Nannies organise age appropriate activities, prepare meals with an awareness of nutrition and apply positive parenting techniques at all times. Many parents thinking about employing a nanny often find the whole interviewing process quite daunting or simply just don’t have the time. Help On The Way uses a time-proven process to source, screen and interview our helpers which ensures that we can provide you with the right nanny to meet your needs.